Sunday, 16 June 2013

New class pet!

We have a bunny! Last week I went to Bond Lake PS to pick up our new class bunny - Hop! She just beautiful and the kids love her a ton.

We brought her into the classroom and soon enough she made herself more comfortable and came out to explore the classroom while the kids were around.

The kiddos are all curious about many things. We will begin documenting our year long journey with her on Cottontail Crescent to add to her journey through Rabbit Road this year.

We would like to thank Joanne Babalis and her kindergarten class for providing us with the beginning of our journey. We will be sure to post often on our class website as well as through Ms. Clark's Instagram account.

And our journey begins ....

Hop is very happy in her new environment.

And she ventured out while the kiddos waited and played around her.


  1. We are so thrilled that Hop is happy and safe in her new home! The learning from our Pet Rabbit Inquiry will stay with our students for years to come...

    As a teacher, it makes me so glad to know that Hop will be in a Kindergarten classroom where students can think, wonder, and learn about how to care for a pet. I couldn't have asked for a better home for her! I'm pleased that we will be able to follow your journey through your blog and on Instagram!

    As a class, we are now in the process of brainstorming what kind of pet we'd like to have for September.

    I look forward to our future collaborations. I sincerely believe that this pet will give our students a real purpose to communicate and share their connections/wonderings. I foresee deep conversations and thinking!

    Thank you for taking on this incredible inquiry!


    Joanne Babalis

  2. I too look forward to all the collaborative learning that will take place between our two classrooms. Caring for a pet is very inspiring. We already have had several laughs, giggles, and talks about Hop's toiletting issues. Whenever we let her out to hop around she leaves little droppings all over and the kiddos are now on the lookout so as not to step on them. Good lessons have already come of this!
    More learning to come ...