Wednesday, 19 February 2014

An Update on our Bunny

In these past two weeks we have seen an increased interest again in the bunny. Is it perhaps because the documentation is visible on the wall at all times, rather than in a document binder?

Several students last week began asking what Hop does on the weekends while we are at home. I asked them what they do while they are away for the weekend and several kiddos replied with the things they do.
Played with my sister.
Played dolls.
Played outside in the snow.

We brainstormed some ideas of what they thought Hop might like to do for fun. Then I encouraged several kiddos to draw their ideas onto a large piece of paper.

Planning Hop's Park
This friend loves Hop so much!

This is what her house should look like.

This week we have taken the inquiry into another venue, where several different kiddos have been creating house, parks and zoos for Hop to visit.

Hop's Zoo

I hope you enjoy watching the video of Hop exploring some of the constructions the kiddos have made for her. We are continuing to create more play places this week.

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