Sunday, 30 March 2014

A full week at the Bakery

Well a few weeks back we saw the opening of the Bakery.

After careful planning of the sign, several students took part in creating a beautiful sign to be posted above the Bakery Store.

Creating our Sign for the Bakery

The Bakery all set up for customers.
Several more students continued to bake cupcakes. Learning about the oven and safety was a priority. Even though this is a pretend oven, we took the opportunity to work with the students to engage in conversations around the safety of hot elements. We never open the oven doors without a parent or teacher with us - IT IS HOT. We always use oven mitts to take out hot items.

Be careful it's HOT!
Another area of learning occurred around the area of social skills. We needed one of the educators to sit with the students in order to model respectful standing in line waiting for our turn at the counter, the server had to engage the customer with a question "What would you like to buy?", and the customer needed to reply with oral language to describe the type of cupcake they wanted.

Creating menus for the Bakery.
We had lots of practice using the Bakery these past few weeks and have added menus and more types of money.

This was a very popular centre, encouraging learning experiences in oral language: many of our kiddos are now confidently ordering cupcakes and paying for their purchases. Other kiddos have learned how to work as a server and cashier using specialized vocabulary in all areas.

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