Friday, 23 May 2014

A Year With Our Bunny

We have been fortunate enough to have adopted Hop, our bunny, from another kindergarten classroom last year. The learning that has taken place with her has been phenomenal. Our students have learned about caring for an animal, how to feed and clean her cage, how to use recycling material for bedding instead of purchasing from a store, and how to show they care for her as a part of our classroom by drawing pictures, writing stories, making crafts, and making books about her.

Bunny Inquiry through the year.
Several students have also engaged in building houses, castles, and playgrounds for Hop. She has thoroughlyenjoyed playing amoungst our children on a daily basis.

Feeling brave to pet the bunny.
Learning to be gentle
while petting the bunny.

Letting Hop join us in play.

Planning a playground for Hop.

Reading non-fiction books
about rabbits.

Making class anchor charts.

When we took on the role of adopting Hop into our classroom, it was under the premise that we would place her up for adoption at the end of this year so another kindergarten class would be able to experience some and more of the same experiences.

Hop is great with the children, she stays at the school during the weekends, and has been a wonderful addition to our room this year. The hope is that she will connect more and more kindergarten classrooms through Twitter and/or Blogs. +Joanne Babalis class has been following the updates this year, and we hope to follow updates next year.

If you are interested in adopting her, for free, for the up coming year please email me at

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