Thursday, 25 July 2013

Last week in BBFK

Wow! These past 4 weeks have gone by so fast. I am so inspired by the learning that takes place in such a short period of time.

Looking at all my kiddos now this week, we have learned to recognize all the letters in our names, many additional letters of the alphabet, and for some kiddos we have started to recognize some sight words. We are well on our way to reading, writing, and creating once the school year starts.

Another area where I have been totally inspired is in the art that my kiddos are producing. They love to work with paints and are beginning to use natural and still object for their art. I can foresee a lot of observational art and writing coming to fruition this coming school year. I can't wait to see where our wonders will lead us.

Please celebrate with me when you look at some of the pic-collages we have co-constructed in small groups to share with our community.

Provocation for some watercolour art
Drawing our plan

Beginning our watercolour background

Here are 2 wonderful examples of the process it to create such wonderful art masterpieces.

Another area of interest this last week has been building roads and castles. Many of the kiddos used several different manipulatives to build and then talk about their structures.

I make a bridge for car!

Here a couple of kiddos were making a picture of the tree they saw out the Wonder Window.
Lastly I would also like to include more of our water colour art the kiddos made after bringing in wild flowers from the Eco Garden near our playground.

Thanks for viewing and joining this blog to see how the kiddos are developing and growing as individuals in our community.

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