Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Week 2 in BBFK

We are well into our second week of BBFK and the kiddos are beginning to adjust to some of our routines. All the kiddos are able to find their name cards in order to complete the sign-in process and most are able to pick a book and continue sustained reading for about 5 minutes.

This week we have concentrated on the practice of printing our names using various methods. Rainbow name printing is one of the favourites.

During learning center time, the trains have been an on-going process. The tracks change daily, as do some of the groups building. We are learning to share the train cars with our friends, as well as build the track together.

Another small group of kiddos really enjoy watching and observing the bunny. Today we discussed what they think she likes to eat. The kiddos came up with a few good observations of lettuce, carrots, water, and PAPER! She really enjoys sitting in her bed bin and chewing on the paper in there.

Stay tuned for more learning next week, and we hope you enjoy this week's post.

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