Saturday, 21 September 2013

Class Pet Inquiry - our Bunny

Our class has a pet bunny. For the first few weeks of school, she has been allowed out of her cage during our learning time. This has allowed both our bunny and the kiddos to explore our environment together.

The bunny and kiddos share the learning environment.

Our kiddos are learning about pets. This is helping to explore social skills. We are learning not to chase after the bunny as it scares her. We wouldn't want someone to chase us either - thats scary. We are learning how to care for an animal. As a whole group we brainstormed what we think bunnies eat.

A few days later, a group of interested kiddos, took some pictures of what our bunny has been eating and created a piccollage the show everyone what we have observed.

While observing our Bunny's eating habits we are asking questions and theorizing about the answers.

C.C. Why is the bunny eating paper?

       C.C. She's hungry.
       D.D. She likes the taste.
       T.T. That's what they eat.

This week the kiddos began to help feed our bunny. They enjoy watching her sniff as the veggies go in, then she hops up to sniff and nibble on the food.

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