Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Learning the letters in our names

I thoroughly enjoy watching the kiddos begin to recognize their names as they walk into the classroom, but this week we have created some provocations to allow the kiddos to practice putting all the letters in the correct order.

Using Upper and Lowercase stamps 
Using Bingo Dabbers to create "rainbow names"

They love using the different materials and especially enjoy creating "rainbow names", just like our shared reading poem this week: "Rainbow Hair". It is so rewarding to hear them make the connections to stories we have read.

Using coloured letter beads to lace our names into bracelets.

We are continuing to create more and more "Dot Day" artistic pieces for our school-wide culminating task to transform our foyer into a waterfall of Dots to be displayed for curriculum night. We have a special project on the go to add to the foyer on October 3rd for all parents and grandparents to see. 

I am please to see more parents joining our blogspot and following along with our classroom learning. This is a great opportunity to talk to your children about what they are learning in school. You can also follow our classroom twitter account @MMPSkinderclass

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