Sunday, 10 November 2013

A week of squirrels

We were very fortunate to have Miss Amanda join us for the entire week as part of her in school placement. Having come on several class walks with us, and noticing what the kiddos are interested in, she further sparked their interest in squirrels by planning several follow up activities in the classroom.
Using collected leaves from outside, the kiddos created their own version of what a squirrel looks like. They talked about the various parts of a squirrel in order to create their art.

This week during our walk our focus was to see if we could find squirrel nests. Several kiddos looked high up in the trees to find nests, while others were looking for holes in the tree truck where the squirrels could hide. We found several of both.

Upon our return to the classroom, several kiddos were engaged in the creation of their own version of a squirrels nest. We talked about how the squirrels get up high in the trees, and how they would protect their homes if made inside a tree trunk.

Making our own squirrel nest
During our walk we were fortunate to come across one of the neighbour's pear tree. To our amazement several pears had fallen to the ground. They looked so tasty, we collected a few and brought them back to the classroom where we enjoyed the sweet fruit, just as the squirrels had done earlier in the week.

Next week we will learn how to write a thank you note and send it along to the neighbour with the tree.

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  1. I just received this beautiful note from one of our Caterpillar parents after there JK Observation visit. Dakshina - thank you so much for such a kind and caring note.

    Ms Clark was our 2nd daughters SK class teacher last year and our sons JK class teacher this year. We can only say what an amazing teacher she is and that we love her teaching methods. Our daughter blossomed in to a nature loving inquisitive child and we are so happy and feel blessed to see our son following the same footsteps.
    Last year she brought in a beta fish to class and made kids interested in nature and taught by observation and experiences. She also accommodated each child’s own growth patterns and even went to purchasing books to accommodate our daughter’s curiosity. This year she has a bunny in her class and our son hates to stay home even on weekends as he is so keen to attend class every day. Recently he was not well but he was crying and wanted to go to school - in his own words at least for 1 minute to say hi to bunny Hop!!!. Our son not only enjoys the bunny Hop but loves the weekly nature walks and activity center work he does.
    Our daughter still talks about her SK experience and re-live it with the brother. Now she is excitingly waiting for the brother to decorate a gingerbread man who runs away to the library.....
    Ms Clark's class is a split class of JK and SK and the JK’s are named caterpillars while the SK’s are the butterflies.......yes from our experience with our daughter they do blossom in to beautiful butterflies with their own unique identity and lovely experiences. You are doing a great Job Ms. Clark....thank you!