Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bat Caves, Pumpkins and Our Bunny

Making Playdoh
Last week was filled with many fun learning experiences. As Halloween quickly approached, many of the kiddos became very excited and could hardly contain themselves until the end of the week. We have talked at length about the importance of eating healthy foods at snack time and saving our treats until lunch or home time. The kiddos are learning that too much sugar in the day stops our brains from working properly and more arguments happen.

Miss Amanda started our week with making playdoh. Many kiddos had a hand in measuring the ingredients, mixing them together, and seeing the flour and salt turn into playdoh. Many kiddos created Halloween "cookies" throughout the week.

Looking Closely at pumpkins and gourds.
Leading up to Halloween, several kiddos were excited to inquire about our class pumpkin. We have looked at the parts of a pumpkin, looked closely at pumpkins to draw and paint them, and lastly we scooped out our pumpkin, baked the seeds, are carved it into a Jack-o-lantern. Many kiddos noticed a change in the Jack-o-lantern's face as we put the top on and off.

Drawing and painting what we see.

Pumpkins growing, flies eating the pumpkin.

Fun with Jack-o-lanterns

During the week, many kiddos became very interested in bats and spooky things in the night. We added plastic bats to the block centre and asked the kiddos to create their version of a Bat Cave. Over several days, many different caves emerged. We had several discussions about how bat get in and out of their caves. This week we are delving further into the topic of Bats.
Bat Cave with spiders for food.
Working on the construction before recess.

Bat sleeping in the cave - can you see them?

Bats all around searching for food.

Another variation on a Bat Cave.

Hop had us very entertained last week playing with all the transportation toys. Usually we let her out for the morning period while we are engaged in our learning centres. She usually hops around, hiding from those kiddos who chase her. Last week, as the kiddos are getting more used to her and her to us, she decided to hop onto the carpet and play with the toys. We did not interrupt her, rather we observed what she would do, and to our amazement she played with several planes shaking them and throwing them up in the air. Does she know that planes fly in the sky????

Hop playing with the transportation toys!

I am looking forward to see where more interest in bats will take us.

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