Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Loose Parts Art

With an inspiration from my Kinder PLN today; at recess many of the kiddos were enjoying all the natural environment around us. We decided to bring in some grasses, dandelions, and clover. With this we added our rock collection and wood pieces to see what kind of art we could create using loose Pieces.

Not surprisingly, the art is stunning. Please enjoy their beautiful art. I'm sure there's more to come :-)

A beautiful butterfly
A picture in a frame.

A plate of food.


  1. These make me smile ear-to-ear. Lovely creations!

  2. Thanks Laurel,
    I have a group of kiddos who really love to create with these loose parts. My goal this weekend is to get some different coloured gems from the Dollar Store to add to our loose parts collection.
    You have really inspired me in this direction.