Sunday, 5 May 2013

Outside play, postcards, and drawing

Here is a weekly update with some of the things we accomplished in room 109 this week!

We began the week by putting out the mailbox. The kiddos were encouraged to write postcards to their friends. We explained that postcards always have a picture on one side and a quick story about what we are up to on the other side. We reminded the kiddos of the importance for addressing a postcard to someone and to include our own name in the "from" spot. This week Ms Blundell and I were the mail carriers, but next week the kiddos will be taking on that role.

This week we also had lots of outside time. With the warmer weather it is so nice to bring our learning outside. Today the kiddos had a blast with sidewalk chalk. Many wrote their names, while others coloured in the shapes.

Finally, we did another drawing lesson. After reading Pete the Cat "I love my white shoes" the kiddos followed the step by step instructions to draw a cat. Once we had finished the drawing the kiddos were then encouraged to add details they could remember from the story. For example, if they liked the brown shoes; they added brown shoes as well as other things that would be brown, for example hot chocolate in a mug, a puddle of mud, etc...

The kiddos did such a good job!

Looking forward to what next week brings.

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