Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Fish and Dinosaurs

Wow! What a busy day in room 109 today. Our day started off with having to feed Angelina. Once she was fed and happy, we discussed other ways to make her happy. One of the students had collected some shells from the beach while on vacation and brought them in to share quite some time ago. We decided that maybe Angelina would like to have them in her space "maybe the shells will make her happy", "maybe she will make a home in the shells". We will just have to wait and see what happens!

Angelina looks happy with the shells so far.

Some of our kiddos had some I wonder statements, so we set up a clipboard where they could write down their statements and predict what they think might happen.

Our day also included some more Dinosaur explorations. With the mind map we created yesterday to lead us in the setting up of a Dino Museum, some of the students continued with creating entrance tickets. These are really turning out great. Some of the kiddos have begun to make their plans for what a guide-map should look like. I love how they immediately got out the rulers to measure spaces.

Today we read a book about a T-Rex and after the second reading we drew a big picture of our own T-rex and added what we learned about the dinosaur in the book. About half way through this activity C.H. put up her hand and said: "Ms Clark, it's like we are labelling that diagram!" Wow! I love how they make those connections to our past experiences with walruses and penguins.

Dinosaur mind-map
Until tomorrow!

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