Thursday, 28 March 2013

Plant it and it will grow!

A couple of days ago, we had a few kiddos keep returning to the table where I had put out a pot and some planting tools. We looked at all the objects on the table and began asking questions.
Starting this inquiry
Inside the pot we found a hard, flat, round, brown disk.
G.W. "It's hard, it looks like a hard bird's nest."
C.H. "It looks round."
J.G. "It looks like soil."
We also found a packet with something inside.
G.W. "It sounds like pepper when we shake it."
C.H. "It shakes and makes a sound."
J.G. "It must be seeds that we can plant. It will need sun and water, and plant food to grow."
Ms.C "Wow, have you planted anything before?"
J.G. "Yes, we have a planting place outside in my backyard. I seen a show on tv to show how plants grow."

Brown, hard, disk from inside the pot
Packet that was in the pot.

Yesterday, some of the same interested kiddos wanted to continue on with the planting inquiry. So we read the directions and planted the seeds.

The first step involved taking the hard, brown, disk and submerging it in water. At first it was floating then the kiddos started to notice a change:
C.H. It's turning into mud.
G.W. It's starting to get fluffy and get bigger.
J.G. It's turning into soil.
C.W. Yucky.

Once the earth/soil had soaked up all the water, we took turns feeling the dirt.
C.H. It's yucky.
G.W. It's wet and soft.

Then we opened up the packet.
Everyone said - those are the seeds!

We carefully put the seeds on the soil and covered them with a bit more soil. Because the soil was already damp we didn't add anymore water. However we need to keep checking it every day.

Finally a few of the kiddos took out some paper and drew what they think the plant will look like once it starts to grow. All three of them drew a picture of a pot with flowers.
We will have to see what happens next?

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