Thursday, 21 March 2013

Our fish has a name!

We had a couple of boys I interested in the fish inquiry today. Again they were wondering "what will make her happier?"  One of the boys thought that if she had a name "we can talk to her."

Yesterday we began creating a list of possible fish names. Many of the students gave their input on the whiteboard. Today our two inquiring boys took that list and we set them up on the computer to type up a survey sheet in order to determine to most liked name.

Typing up all the suggested names on a survey page. 

Now with a proper survey sheet and pencil ready to go, the boys began asking classmates which name they preferred. After tallying up all the marks ... Our fish is now officially "Angelina"!

Hopefully tomorrow we will have some keen artists to create her a name plate and possibly some artwork.


  1. I loved your fish inquiry!! I just started inquiry learning with my grade ones and twos and I love it. It's definitely a work in progress and I'm not sure yet how to make it work at this age level but I'm giving it go.
    I started a blog as well to document some of what we're doing.

    1. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog. This is al very new to me as we'll, however I am very excited to begin this journey into inquiry for the students. Right now I am finding it a bit chaotic but am hoping over time everyone will settle back down and find an inquiry they are truly interested in.
      We are loving our fish -Angelina and have as a group change her water and fed her several times.

  2. Oh I was also wondering what app you used to add the text to your photo collage? I haven't been able to find a good app yet.

    1. We are using PicCollage with Apple. The students are able to even do some of the documenting on their own. We arrange the pictures and type the text then move everything all around. It's a great app.
      Hope you try it!