Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Reorganizing the Writing Centre

The students are becoming familiar with the new classroom set up. We have introduced several new concepts to classroom routines, and that is when it becomes apparent to us as educators that habit is easily ingrained in young ones. Some of the students asked "where do we go?", while others just "stood there" due to the structure of our old system dictating where they should begin their day. 

Language Activities

Now we have all the language learning centres open for them to choose from. After morning sign in they may freely choose the activity they would like to engage in. Today many chose to visit the writing centre while others played languages based games or read books. 

Some Class-made Books

Lots of pictures books to read!
Every day we have two students create a story on the SmartBoard. As our class has many students who are English Language Learners, Sarah (our DECE) draws a picture on the bottom of the page and the students get to talk about the picture before creating their sentences. They all love this activity and we are now including the pages in a book for them to revisit at the bookshelf.
SmartBoard stories

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