Monday, 1 April 2013

Dinosaur Eggs

On Thursday before the Easter Break, our kiddos came to our morning meeting where a surprise awaited them. We had "found" a bowl with 3 large eggs in it. We asked the class what they thought might be inside? They discovered that each egg had a hole they could peek into. They were very excited to have a turn looking.

What could be inside?
First we talked about how important it is to handle the eggs gently, as we didn't know where they came from. Looking inside very carefully, this is what we recorded them saying:

A.W. I see something green inside.
G.D. Maybe it's a baby dinosaur.
D.C. Maybe it's a baby bunny.
L.H. It is dark inside. Why is there grass in the bowl?

J.S. It's a soft spot for the eggs.
C.H. The grass is to hide the eggs.

Later at Learning Centres we had a few kiddos really interested in setting up the Dino Museum. First they checked the mind map to see what else needed to be done before the opening.

They decided to make the sign for the entrance. It turned out great with lots of pictures they made using library books to guide their sketches.

Creating the entrance sign.
Library books for reference.

The final product.
While the sign was being created, we had another student working on creating a rope to put around the exhibit. She remembered seeing one at the museum she went to last summer.
Rope with "please be careful!"
Hopefully the eggs "hatch" next week and we will have more excitment in the Dino Museum. Also looking forward to digging up some bones in the sand box. Stay tuned!


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    1. Sorry to have deleted your comment. I'm still new at commenting on the I-pad and I pressed the wrong button by accident. It nice of you to say you loved out Dino museum idea.

      I hope you come back to visit often.


  2. I am loving this. This is such an amazing way to get children to question and wonder. I know they must be so excited to see what will hatch out next week.

    We get lots of packages that often have riddles in them. That is such a fun and engaging way to get the children to infer. I would love for you to come read about the package that we got right before our Easter break.

    I am happy to be your newest follower. =)

    Heather's Heart

    1. I'm so glad you came for a visit to our blog.

      The kiddos are super excited, we retread the blog to them yesterday and are thinking the eggs might hatch tomorrow. The museum is pretty close to being ready for opening.

      I will definitely pop over and see your blog. I can't wait to read about the packages your kiddos get to infer about.


  3. No worries! I will come back and visit since I am trying out play based learning with my grade ones and twos. I love reading your ideas!

    I also gave a shout out to you on my blog! Hope you don't mind!

    1. Thanks so much for the shout out. I will definitely pop over and give it a look.


  4. Hi there. How did you make the dinosaur eggs? Did you use paper mache and balloons, and just put a plastic dinosaur inside? I'm a student teacher and will be covering the dinosaur unit in March- so any ideas are helpful. My email is Love your blog! If you know of any good community helpers ideas let me know :)

    1. Hi Tara.
      Thanks for stopping by. Yes we used paper mâché to make the eggs. We used a balloon in which we put a small toy dinosaur before blowing the balloon. This way the unopened eggs already had baby dinosaurs in them. The kiddos were soooo excited when they discovered babies inside.
      Our inquiry lead to the kiddos creating their own dinosaur museum where they made maps, tickets and researched several dinosaurs.
      This was a great inquiry for our kiddos last year.
      Not sure this year's class is quite as interested - however we will see.
      Kim Clark