Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dinosaurs Galore!

Yesterday was so exciting for the kiddos in room 109 - the eggs hatched!!!

Some of the kiddos were reading around the room, when they happened upon the Dino Museum, excitment quickly burst around the room when they declared that the eggs had cracked open.

They are hatching!
Many kiddos came running to look and see what was happening. They wanted to see what the dinosaurs looked like.

Quickly I grabbed a piece of paper to start documenting their thinking. Here are a few things I heard:

Hey they hatched.
Don't scare her!
Don't yell. Shhhh.
A.L. Dinosaurs - a T-rex
M.P. I saw them move.
D.D. Each egg has a different dinosaur.
D.C. They already hatched. hey have baby eggs.
M.P. They're not toys. They're real.
C.Y. They are moving.
G.D. Maybe they will eat us.
B.L. I see a lizzard.
J.G. After they hatch they need to go in the nest.

The kiddos gently took the dinos out of their shells and put them into the bowl with the grass.

Feeding one of the baby dinosaurs.
Several minutes later as couple of the kiddos came up to me and D.D. and G.W. said: Maybe we should move the T-rex out of the nest so he doesn't eat the others.
Wow!  I love the connections to the readings we have done together about the different kinds of dinosaurs. Room 109 knows that T-rexs are carnivores and the other dinosaurs look like herbivores.

A little bit later I had a few more kiddos come and tell me that we needed to feed these dinos just like we do Angelina - our pet fish. So sure enough as soon as Learning Centres were open we had a group of students create/make food for our new friends.

Here are a few more pictures of how the day unfolded.

Carfully removing the dinosaurs
and putting them in the nest.
The empty egg shells.
Talking about how they are different.

Entrance tickets to the museum.
Our comparative achor charts of the T-rex
and Triceratops.
I would like to thank all the parents who have come in to say they like this blogspot. I am so happy to be able to share our day with you in this forum. We often read these posts during class to celebrate the things that have happened in the classroom, therefore we would welcome any comments and/or questions from our parents.
Can't wait to see how these dinosaurs continue to grow with the wonderful attention they are getting from all our kiddos.

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