Saturday, 27 April 2013

Gardens and Flowers

Many of our kiddos are very interested in gardens and flowers.

Milliken Mills Eco Garden

We have visited our school Eco Garden from outside the fenced area. Many questions are starting to arise.
M. What kinds of plants are those?
G. Who looks after the garden?
J. When are more plants going to grow?

Back inside the classroom, Ms Blundell has been working hard with a handful of students creating our very own indoor garden box. We have planted seeds and are waiting for them to begin "sprouting" (our new FANCY word) before we take them out to the Eco Garden for planting.

We began the Garden Box by decorating the outside.

Then we filled the box with soil (we no longer call this dirt).

One of our kiddos brought in flower bombs. She and her mom thought this would be good for our class and we were thrilled to receive the gift.
So the next step was to plant the seeds and put a bit more soil on top.

The last step of course was to water the soil and place it by the window to get sun.

A few days later, some of our kiddos were reading through the garden and plant books out in this inquiry area. These kiddos discovered through their research several factors that will affect the growth of plants.

I invited them to jot down this information for others to learn from. I was very impressed with their documentation and felt it would be good to post by the Indoor Garden Box for all to see. They are so proud of their own work and I am beeming too! :-)

And now we wait .....

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