Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Spring is so much fun!

Just a quick post tonight for our parent followers.

Today really felt like spring out in the playground. We read a book about spring at morning recess and talked all about the rainbow of flowers we could plant when the weather gets warmer.  The kiddos really enjoyed listening to the story "Planting a Rainbow" by Lois Ehlert.

C.H. Immediately waved her hand in the air to share that there is a perfect spot outside for us to plant our own rainbow of flowers. At recess she lead me to our school Eco Garden, where I had already been thinking of approaching the Principal to see if we can have our own little (ok BIG) spot.

The bug has been planted. We already have a Plant Inquiry started in the classroom - but to my excitement it will be expanding over the next several weeks. We are planning a garden! Dirty hands, digging in mud, watching things come to life! Oh how exciting :-)

Along with this inquiry I can already hear the buzzing of a Bug Investigation on the way too! Another one of my favourites.

Here's a quick update to our Plant Inquiry. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the drawings and writing the kiddos did wih this entry, but they are in our inquiry book if you happen to stop into the class anytime soon.

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