Wednesday, 17 April 2013

"We can see" project - Spring movie

Wow! It was such a beautiful day today, that our Kindergarten class decided to spend some extra time outside. Prior to going out, we talked about the changes that are happening around us in terms of winter and spring. Many of the kiddos know that the snow has melted and that on March 20th we officially called it Spring.

They were excited to head outside and experience some of this warmer weather, however during our Focussed Learning time we talked about "observing" the world around us to see if we could "see" any of the changes from winter to spring.

The kiddos bounded outside, and to hear all the comments of changes they could see was priceless.

We had our I-pad ready in hand and began documenting through pictures and words what the kiddos were observing.

Please enjoy the movie we created with all the spring changes! We would love to hear your comments and any questions you have.



  1. My afternoon class enjoyed your movie - we watched it twice yesterday! I posted their comments and questions on the "We Can See" blog.

    1. So glad you enjoyed our movie. Thank you so much for leaving questions - I will pop over and look now and next week we will be sure to look at them as a class and co-construct some answers back.

      We have watched several movies on this blog and are really learning to look at our own community and compare it to others. Amazing connections!


    2. We read through all your comments and questions and will be posting our answers later this afternoon. I hope your kiddos have a chance to go and see what we have posted back for them.